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Welcome to our website! We created this website to make it easier for you find the inmate that you are looking for whether that is a friend, family member, client, etc. There are many jails and prisons in this country with a lot of incarcerated people in them. It is often difficult to know where an inmate is being housed at. Many times inmates move from one facility to another. Sometimes an inmate can be housed for many months in a local or regional jail and later be sent to a state or federal prison based on their crimes and classification. There are a wide variety of prisons with different levels of housing. Hopefully this site will serve as a resource to guide you in the direction which will help you obtain information about the inmate or inmates that you are looking for. At the very least we try to list the name, address and phone number for the correctional facility in each county and city in the USA so that you can make contact with them. In addition, many jails and prisons now offer free online inmate locator links so that you can find the information yourself electronically. We also try to list these links so that you can lookup your particular inmate. Click on the map below to obtain more information from your particular state. Take care and good luck in your searches.
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